Monday, November 9, 2009

What is the other net??????

It is amazing how similar, wait, no. Not Similar, how about how identical the designs of the old school net to the design of the modern era net that my family and I use every summer to reel in as much Alaska Salmon as possible! The similarities are painstakingly obvious! For example, in my earlier blog I mentioned that the Alaska Native net used pieces of wood strung across a line to keep the top of the net afloat. Well, for the modern day net they use corks instead of wood that are strung across a line to keep the net afloat. Another example, the Native Alaska net used willow root pieces weaved together in diamond shapes for webbing to catch the fish. Well as you can see in the picture with this blog entry the webbing is the exact same design, granted the material is a bit more advanced with them using tough fibered string now days compared to the willow roots. And my last example is the weighting that is use to keep the bottom of the net submerged. With the Alaska Native net they used pieces of animal bone to weigh it down, now for the modern day nets they actually have weigh built into the rope that is strung beneath the webbed net.
As you can see the nets are really all the same with just technological and material advancements in each of the three fazes of the net. They all work together to make a very effective net that has been around for so long, but does one thing very well, catches tons of Alaska Salmon!

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