Friday, November 20, 2009

Fishing in Alaska

Fishing has long been a huge part of Alaska, it is what we as a state have fed on both literally as well as economically. As I was writing this blog I dug into some economic research on the state of Alaska both in the present, as well as the past. What I uncovered was some fairly interesting numbers that do not lie. In the 1920's while Alaska was on its own and very fragile there was a small tax put on every can of Salmon packed and shipped from Alaska. From the profit on that along it equated to nearly seventy percent of Alaska's economic income. That in itself shows just how much we as a state have leaned on fishing at times. Even to this day commercial fishing along is five percent of Alaska's base economic status. That number is of course dwarfed due to the significant amount of money that the oil industry brings into our state. Through thick and thin the Salmon have always been there for us.

AK, History (2009) Modern Alaska, Received on 11/20/2009
This reference is strictly informational yet if you read it fully it is pretty interesting with the economics and the correlation between it and Salmon.

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