Friday, November 20, 2009

The Potential End of Salmon

The Wild Salmon run in Alaskas waters has fed and provided for us Alaskans both native and not for hundreds upon hundreds of years. It is a vital part of our culture and our lifestyle as people. I thought that in doing this blog it would be a great chance to spread the word to more of the world on the Pebble Mine project and the severe impact it may have on the Salmon runs of Bristol Bay (the worlds largest Salmon run). What the Pebble Mine is, is potentially the worlds largest open pit mine right at the headwaters of the Bristol Bay salmon run. It has become a huge issue in the state of Alaska because by going in and trying to get the gold that is at the potential mine spot it risks destroying the Salmon runs that have fed our great state for so long. There is an estimated three hundred billion dollars worth of gold in the mine but the thing is, once its gone, its gone. The Salmon run will always be back, year after year, as it has for thousands of years. Now is it really worth risking such a lush and rich history of Salmon for just some gold? I sure don't think so!

Roosevelt, M (2007) Alaskan Economy Faces Fork in River, Retrieved on 11/20/09
This reference is solid because it attacks the Pebble Mine from a fairly biased point of view on the outside looking in. Because that is where most people are on this issue, simply the outside looking in.,0,2069216.story

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